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WarMAX - We are visual identification company from the Capital of Poland providing the advertising services for small and medium companies. We specialise in the outside form of advertisement.

LED Light Boxes

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Advertising panels

The panels of aluminum profiles are made in the form of a one-sided for wall mounting or for securing bilateral-wall or pole. The most common are those with a face made of plastic with aluminum frame.

Kaseton z profili aluminiowych

The design of the cassette consists  aluminum profile (10, 14, 16 cm).            On request, the sides of the cassette can be powder coated to any RAL color. Acrylic front is perfect for transmitting light. We can placed graphics film on( prints full-color graphics on the film or films with graphic cut out)

Kaseton z dibondu

Light Box of dibond
The main difference between the classical box,   no visible seams between the front and the side. Ability to perform light box with a surface of brushed aluminum or brushed copper. Graphic shapes are milled material taped tinted. The light source is the most light LED modules.

What is Dibond? This is nothing but a composite material, widely used in construction and advertising.  These boards have a perfectly smooth surface and very elegant finish available in various textures and colors.

Kaseton reklamowy z winylu

Light box with vinyl face

Application for medium and large formats. The most common used form of advertising on the major pillars of advertising and shopping malls elevations.

 Due to the nature of elastic fabric face vinyl panels can be made with dimensions of up to 2,000 * 50000cm, which gives us great opportunities to establish panels – when it comes to size. A standard cassette comprises:

  • welded frame made of  aluminum

  • aluminum profile system for tensioning the fabric vinyl circumferentially attached to the frame (usually profiles is welded to the frame),

  • back made of coated steel sheet,

  • LED backlighting in the form of branded products in standard IP65, IP67.

  • graphics printed on vinyl (complicated graphics)