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WarMAX - We are visual identification company from the Capital of Poland providing the advertising services for small and medium companies. We specialise in the outside form of advertisement.





Neon tubes are widely used in outdoor and indoor advertising neon is owing to its allure, luminous effect, high visibility and human fascination with light and electricity. Visible on the outside of the tube are conducted agent or contour shapes or fill their entire surface. Wide range of colors to satisfy the appetites of the most demanding customers. Produce pipes with diameters ranging from 8mm to 25mm colorless glass, powdered and dyed. In addition to his own execution, our production is delivered to the advertising agencies. The advantage of this type of solution is a long life, attractive appearance, perfect visibility from any distance. Straight lines are made of neon tubes with diameters of 16mm to 25mm in systems with different lengths of up to 2.5m. The advantages of neon light lines are: low power consumption compared to incandescent illumination and even LED`owych, unmatched durability, rich colors and lighting effects. Are also frequently used animations selected depending on the individual needs of our customers.