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WarMAX - We are visual identification company from the Capital of Poland providing the advertising services for small and medium companies. We specialise in the outside form of advertisement.


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Dimensional Letters – LOGO, Styrodur, Advertising 3D letters on the wall


The possibility of notches each graphic, corporate logo allows you to create a unique advertising your business. If you have any questions, please contact one of our consultants – we will answer and advise what form of advertising will be most suitable for you.

Styrodur otherwise extruded polystyrene is a material which is ideally suited for use in internal and external advertising. Its color can be changed in any way with acrylic paints.

Its main advantage is the resistance to weathering. Is a lightweight yet very durable material, minimal water absorption.
We are able to cut out each character invents what each client. Also cut out the Polish and world famous logos
Resolution also does not matter. These components can be painted and colored Plexiglas processing further enhances their attractiveness and makes everyone will find a convenient form of presentation of the company.

Each letter or shape of the logo may be covered with a shiny plexiglass